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Opel Corsa Color Edition 2017, 1400 cc 90HP , Petrol

1 year Premium Guarantee


Plus Taxes & LicensingVendido

Vehicle with impeccable bodywork and paint, revisions in every 10. 000 km. ITV (MOT) just passed, 1 year warranty, 100% financed by cofidis.
Guaranteed real mileage.

  • Air Conditioning
  • Heating
  • Radio CD
  • Electric windows (driver and passenger)
  • Ramp start assistance
  • ABS brakes
  • New battery just fitted
  • Aluminium wheels
  • Spare wheel and kit included

Our Premium Warranty Covers:

CAM SHAFT: Camshaft, pinion, variator.
ENGINE BLOCK: Block, liners, plugs, connecting rods, pins, bearings, pistons and piston rings.
CRANKSHAFT: Crankshaft, axial, pinion, pulley, flywheel and starter ring.
CYLINDER CYLINDER: cylinder head, cylinder head gasket, top cover, guides, valves, springs and key.
DISTRIBUTION: Belts (only in case of breakage), chains, rocker arm, pushers, chain sprocket, tensioners, roller and slider.
LUBRICATION: Oil pump, drain valve, oil exchanger, hand contact and level sensor.

AUTOMATIC GEARBOX: Valve box, gearbox calculator, converter, sensor, epicyclic train and pressure valve.
GEARBOX: Primary and secondary shaft, housing, cover, pinions, bearings, selector, slider, speed sensor, synchromesh and spool.
DIFFERENTIAL: Differential, bearings, satellite and planetary.
CONTROL: Connecting rods, control cables, lever and gearbox.

INJECTION: Lambda sensor, low and high pressure pump, sensor, injector, pedal cable, potentiometer, ramp, regulator, relays, sensor and control unit.
INTAKE: Throttle box, manifold and flow meter.
FUEL TANK: Fuel tank.
ENGINE: Coil, spark plug wires, suppressors, module and R.P.M. sensor.
EXHAUST: EGR valve and air system valve.
TURBO: Turbocharger, turbine, spool, solenoid valve, intercooler and pressure relief valve.

Price includes 21% VAT, deductible for companies and self-employed, transfer and 1 year warranty.

  • AUX
  • Cruise control
  • Electric Windows
  • Speed limit
  • Tire presure sensors
  • USB
Cash: 10.500 €
Year: 2017
Make: Opel Corsa
Body Style: 5 door
Mileage: 62000 KM
Transmission: Manual
Engine: 1.4 90CV
Exterior Color: Red
Fuel: Petrol
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